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FSC 10 Year Window Guarantee 50 Year Window Guarantee


Timber Sorting Process



The grade of Softwood that we use in our Timber Parting and Staff Beads is Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood. The term "Unsorted" is slightly misleading in that it contains Grades 1-3 while the lower grades have been removed. After machining our Timber undertakes a rigorous quality control process whereby some 30% is removed from the chain of supply. We believe this is by far the most extensive quality control of any manufacturer of Timber Sash Window products.


The Timber comes ready primed with Elite Primer. This is applied with Automatic timber coating machines.



As with any company serious about supplying timber from sustainable forests and in the most environmentally friendly manner all the Timber we use is FSC certified. We can supply a full Chain of Custody for those in a position to utilise that.