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FSC 10 Year Window Guarantee 50 Year Window Guarantee

50 Year ACCOYA Wood Certificate of Guarantee

Guarantee of performance

  • ACCOYA® wood complies with durability class 1, assessed in accordance with BRL 0605 (timber modification standard) and tested in accordance with EN350-2, EN113 and ENV807;
  • ACCOYA® wood can be exposed according to use classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the basis of the application demands and rules pursuant to EN 335-1.

Definition of damage

This Guarantee is activated if, as a result of perceptible material or production failure, it is shown that in ordinary usage:

  • the ACCOYA® product has been materially damaged by one of the fungi species that are listed in Annex E from EN 113; or
  • the volume of swelling or shrinkage is greater than 2.5% during normal use ¹.

Period of the Guarantee

The Guarantee period shall be 50 years when the ACCOYA® product is used in use classes 1, 2 and 3 as defined in EN 335-1 ².

The Guarantee period shall be 25 years when the ACCOYA® product is used in use class 4 as defined in EN 335-1.

The Guarantee period starts from the date of delivery of the ACCOYA® product as stated on the invoice.


The following are excluded:

  1. any use of the ACCOYA® product in the relevant use class that contravenes the requirements set out in EN 335-1 (Note: see also note 2);
  2. any contact between ACCOYA® wood and liquids that have a pH higher than 9; and
  3. any ACCOYA® wood subsequently modified or impregnated, for example by chemical treatments, without the prior written approval of Titan Wood.

¹This can only be validated by removal and testing that the shrinkage is greater than 2.5% (from fully soaked to oven dry) by applying Standard Operating Procedure WVS_SHR_049, conducted by an Institution approved in writing by Titan Wood.

²For the avoidance of doubt, where the end-product does comply with established norms for water drainage or water evaporation or is positioned less than 20cm above ground it shall be deemed use class 4 and the 25 year Guarantee shall apply.

Draftfix Ltd undertakes to replace any product found to be defective, free of charge, within the next 10 years. This guarantee is offered in addition to your statutory rights