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Draftfix's unique weatherpile for draught proofing sliding sash or casement windows complete with weather fin. Available from stock in White, Brown, Black and Oak. Stock sizes are 5.5mm, 8.5mm and 11.5mm. Any colour or specification can be made subject to a minimum run. The Base Width is 4.8mm but this is subject to some tolerance so we only recommend our brush for use with our other products.


To decide the length of brush required measure the gap size and use the list below. Some allowance for seasonal movement is at the discretion of the fitter.


Gap Size          Brush Required

1-3mm              5.5mm

2-5.5mm           8.5mm

4-8.5mm           11.5mm



The pile is constructed of a multifilament polypropylene yarn.


The acoustic benefits of having weatherpile are well documented and the following report shows that in detail